DIAKONIA COMPASSIONATE MINISTRY (DCM) is a faith based organization aligned to Lutheran Teachings. It was established in 1997 and has evolved in its structure and functions to accommodate the needs of the ever-changing Christian community in western Kenya.

DCM mini profile (3m 23s video)

Diakonia Compassionate Ministry (DCM) is a grassroots organization with a vision of empowering the vulnerable to live dignified lives. DCM was founded in 2001 to bring hope to the hopeless. DCM’s head office is located in Kisumu City along Kisumu Nairobi Road in Nyamasaria next to Butter Toast Bakery.

Our vision is: A God fearing, prosperous and healthy society in which disadvantaged individuals, families and communities are empowered to cope with demands of daily life and to experience life in its spiritual and physical fullness.

Our Mission is to build on and strengthen the capacities of individuals, families and communities giving hope and support to the vulnerable groups in the community through healing ministry of the gospel, as well as physical and social support system. DCM’s overall strategic goal is to create, support and provide community based participatory and competency oriented services for deserving communities; to promote access to education, healthcare and economic empowerment to vulnerable communities.


  1. Compassion: We are called to show love and are ready to help, support and bring hope to the less fortunate
  2. Christian Stewardship: All our resources, functions and roles require self-discipline, obedience and respect for human life
  3. Accountability: We are called to live in a relationship with God and one another in honesty, truthfulness, openness, dignity and accountability to the people we serve
  4. Humility: We recognize that we are all equal before God and appreciate our diverse gifts and talents and seek to use and serve fairly, justly and equally while recognizing our own weaknesses
  5. Integrity: we are called upon to serve in leadership at all levels with clear vision, transparency, commitment and honesty